Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography
06 Jul 2016

Bohemian Rhapsody

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sergii Naumov
DRESS: Zara Spring/Summer 2016
STYLE: A.Egonyan Art Studio
MODEL: Anastasia Egonyan

This session is a small contribution to my bohemian piece of mind as I wear this kind of style less and less finding that my perception of myself and life changes throughout the last few years of coming closer to a conscious adulthood. Yet I will always try to pursue a hint of boho attitude to my look or at least in expression of self depicting art projects as this is. 

I also find it really pleasing that my love, partner and husband who is slowly becoming my right hand in my art career is showing some decent results lately with his camera work, trying to carefully apply my style and manner of perspective to his imagery. I am very satisfied to see how talented he really is and that I also have a good influence on him with all my lectures and practices.