Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography
14 Aug 2016

LADUREE vs PIERRE HERME • The Macaroon Paradise for Gods

Well, I have taken a break from Paris stories for a while, but here I am back not only with street pictures from the city, but my flavour experiences from the most well known and the most glamorous confectionary stores in Paris. So let me tell you my impressions for both and in the end I will reveal which one I love most.


This is a not simply a macaroon and it is not displayed as a simple one. The shop offers you a variety of exquisite boxes to fill them up with macaroons of your choice. I bet you all know how this happens, you have been there, but what I can't resist emphasising is the box or the case design. I mean look at that! It is not a thing you would want to toss away after you are finished with your dessert! Golden interior, baroque ornament on a pastel mint cover... I personally store some of my makeup in it now and that is a big "save the planet" plus for me for reusing the glamorous throw away stuff. You can call me a granny for collecting paper boxes, but I am surely a fancy one now. 

For the feel, they taste like a sweet heaven. Like a really really sweet heaven. That is pretty cool with a cup of bitter lemon tee, makes you feel a bit more special too somehow, I guess that goes for the brand allure and history melting on your tongue. I loved the ROSE PETAL the most and the ORANGE BLOSSOM was pretty cool as well, I thought I would be eating perfume, but it ended up being a very delicate and unusual taste, I loved it.

Pierre Herme

This is a relatively fresh brand, that has opened a lot of boutiques in Paris already and I must say they are on top with prices and the quality straight from the beginning. As you see the box is created to be more modern and young-looking with less pathos and allure in it. It is thick and really up there in quality, but not a thing you would want to put on your vanity though. But well, the content is what matters most, right?

These are more complicated and graceful taste wise and I do not find them too sweet at all. I mean even for some simple tastes like INFINIMENT CARAMEL, the Salted-Butter Caramel, you get a bouquet of elegant flavours just in one bite melting in your mouth and making you a lifetime slave of this particular pastry boutique. I would do anything for a box filled with only INFINIMENT MENTHE FRAÎCHE, the Fresh Mint macaroon, the best creation of humanity of all times. Its like you eat a mint tea, the taste is so natural and overwhelming, you would initially expect biting on a chewing gum tasting cookie, but once you try it, you instantly get shocked at how organic the taste actually is! It could be served to the greatest Kings of France at all times and it would get them stunned as well, and we all know that it is quite hard to impress a French spoiled elite. 

The conclusion: I have to admit I like the Pierre Herme better. I feel like they are really trying to impress me there with their complicated flavour tones and combinations. I find Laduree tastes quite plain and simple to tell the truth, but it is a really overly hyped delicacy that is not worth the splurge to my opinion. I mean it is still heaven, but to my taste its a really simple one. And while I consume the Herme macaroons I feel like I am welcomed by the sexiest Macaroon God there above the sky in the Secret Garden. Unfortunately this is not a sponsored post, but I wish it was and I wish Pierre Herme would send me a truck full of their products enough for a life time consuming. That is the best thing I ate in my life, and if I would want to get back to Paris once again, going to Pierre Herme boutique would be one of the main reasons.