Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography
28 Jun 2016

Paris, p.II, The Marais

So last time I was talking about the Marais district, one of the most popular areas of Paris and I have got some more photos to share with you as almost all of my street photography is from there. I have actually had two favourite places to be in Paris, the one is the Marais, the Montmartre and the other is the Latin Quarter. The last one was mostly enjoyed by me without a camera, but I have some few shots and stories from there to be told to you later as well.

So you might have noticed in the first chapter that I did not aim to make the story sound purely pink and romantic when telling you about my trip, which would actually totally match the style of my photography if I did and made you feel "sold" for your new vacation route to Paris. But I have decided that my audience deserves my real and honest experience, thoughts and memories from this amazing but down to earth family vacation. And after all I think you will fall in love with the city as much as I did, but have some realistic and non-popular point of view set as well. 

So if I could describe Paris in just few words, I would say "Architecture, Food, Shopping" and that would be my really most honest impression! I love the city for being so classy with the streets in all shades of white and beige tones. And then you get some beautiful muted red, black and green strokes all around which generally makes you think the Parisians have a really well balanced taste when it comes to choosing a colour palette (and not only architecture wise). I, myself, grew up in Budapest, which is a city of an amazing architecture and history, that is why being surrounded by pure monumental beauty is a major part of my existence and inspirational consciousness.

Paris is also a capital of Fashion, but that is what everybody knows about that place. But if you think you can tell the amount of shopping that is expecting you there, don't get yourself fooled. The city is really well densely packed with all kinds of luxurious brands and boutiques that you might not even heard of! That is insane, I tell you! If you would have seen many of the brands only in department stores, here basicaly every brand and designer has its own separate store. And it even seems like a separate Dior perfume boutique is a must. Like why would you miss a shop with hundreds of different scented perfumes and all of them only by Dior!

There is simply not enough money in the world to buy all those glamour that is available in there. And when you think that you would only get to spend your money and have some goods in return, you are mostly really wrong! Because you also get such an experience as if you would have been a princess in a Disney Land attraction! Like you will get my point if you are following my Instagram, where you have probably seen how the Guerlain boutique makes the bubble show every 15 minutes outside of its entrance. And that really makes everybody just stop, wow and take selfies! And the boutique itself made me fall in love with the brand even more than I did before! And that might sound like something really girly thing to be fascinated by, but I promise you no mater of gender and age in Paris you will be sold something for sure because that is how this place works :

Food is my everything when I travel to France. Because there is nothing more tasty than a freshly made baguette with ham for a dinner snack, a tartlet with omelette for breakfast and many more other french pastry and delicacies that would keep you out of size 8 for a lifetime. But that might be really worth it anyway! :D 

It can be hard to find a good place to have your dinner at as most of the places are really touristy-aimed and being too expensive. And I got to notice that French are mostly not tending to eating out anywhere. I mean they really do a lot, but even more of their leisure time is spent just sitting out in the cafeterias, drinking coffee, wine and cocktails (and bragging about the noisy tourists I guess:) And that is really cool, I would suggest you try the same yourself - get your feet some rest, order your drink and watch life go while having a little talk with your partner. That is a lifestyle of true French that really know how to enjoy living.

And by the way, there is a widely spread rumour that French service is really bad, the waiters are rude and people not friendly. I have to say that is is absolutely not true! I have received a really nice service everywhere, people were really nice and willing to help, except that sometimes I had to be firm about my request, but every need of mine would be fulfilled quite well at any place I visited. I would rather say that French are a bit snob and really tired of endless tourist flow, so you can see it on their faces everywhere. They would smile (sometimes), help you, but they will not put their lives into your purchase, if that makes sense. And that is totally fine, I understand, I would not expect more and I'm totally fine with what I've got. 

Paris is a really busy and international city now, where you will see all students, workers, artists, hipster, rich and poor, happy and sad. It is not that safe, but it is really fun, it is not as tidy, but it is endless to explore. And that is how can you explain it is being so attractive to so many people all year round visiting this place from all around the world. I just keep saying that I fell in love with it as well and I would really return there more and more. You know, when you try something addicting, you might find it not that good for your health, but you really keep thinking and desiring it anyway? So that is my addiction now to Paris! And I don't want to quit!

Also there is much more I am willing to share with you, so keep watching for updates!

Oh and by the way, returning to the subject of pastries and desserts, you should definitely try these out by Les Fees Patisseries if you get to visit. They are unbelievably sexy! Taste wise I mean! :D