Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography
28 Jun 2016

Paris, p.III, The Museums (Louvre)

I would like to tell you about the most visited places of Paris, its most famous museums, the Louvre and Versailles.I would like to tell you about the most visited places of Paris, its most famous museums, the Louvre and Versailles. Today I will be revealing the Louvre in all details, with my impressions of the architecture, interiors and its masterpieces. 

Louvre is enormous and magnificent. That is how you see it as you just enter the arch. And of course the glass pyramid is really cool and well fitted into the scenery, showing how modern architecture can successfully combine with renaissance style. 

Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, that is why you never see it empty at the entrance. We have arrived really early as we have already had the tickets that we bought online few weeks ago, but we just wanted to make sure we don't stay in line. So we did not, but not because of that reason. There were two huge lines to the museum at 8:45am already and one a bit smaller was for those who had the tickets with them. But we were literally the first people to enter the building as we had a baby with a stroller, which was really nice of the administration to make sure babies and disabled wouldn't have to wait in line anyhow. So here you go, you have a benefit while traveling with a baby!

Well, we have seen the Mona Lisa, that is out of the question, if you were wondering! With all that buzzing crowd of overexcited tourists taking selfies and asking their fiends and relatives to make a picture of them on their smartphones showing their back to Gioconda. And that was quite pathetic as none of them just took their time to simply have a decent look at the paining itself. And I was even asked to move aside once, so that they would have a better angle for their family shot! Cos apparently I was not taking any pictures, so probably was just wasting my time and space staring at the picture from the best spot for more than three seconds. Shame on me! :D

Well, to be sincere, you have no joy of watching the paining in real life after all. It has gone quite dark through time, located in five meters to the fencing and laying under a thick layer of bulletproof glass, so you need a small binocular to get some details there. And also people stressing around, trying to get as close as possible to take their "been here" selfies... So not much impressed, still have to admit it is the most famous paining in the world, which it obviously is for some reason, I am just not well informed enough to value its impact in world's history of art. But I definitely appreciate it as a masterpiece and a mysterious enigma of one of the most genial people that have ever lived on this planet. 

So we have went exploring the museum further on. It is enormous and there is no way you can walk it all round in one day. Well, even if you could, it would make no sense at as all after you would see few things, all your impressions would just blur and mix in the end, so choose your route thoughtfully and check out only those parts of Louvre that you really interested in. We have chosen to have a look at the Napoleon's apartments as its interiors have remained as close to the times when he was alive as possible. This was quite impressive, but if you get to see the palace of Spanish Royalty in Madrid, you will see how that one is what really blows your mind. 

And also have in mind that most of the parts if the museum where you can find all permanent exhibitions are renovated to a modern simplistic style with white cardboard walls all around. You get to see some bits of fine architecture there too, but that is not how the kings lived if you have hoped to see that. In any case it is a museum now and you must go there for the masterpieces but not for the walls, yet I am an architecture freak, so this is my huge passion as an enthusiastic admirer. But you get some modernised pretty looking spaces as well and that is quite enjoyable though.