Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography
04 Jul 2016

Paris, p.IV, The Museums (Versailles)


Well, technically Versailles is not located in Paris, and being quite far from the city might take you about an hour to get there by car, but it has always been a part of its historical influence since all aristocracy have once moved there to enjoy their glamorous life without having to deal with the reality of the capital's fluster.

So when you arrive you get to see those beautiful gates and there is where your line would be usually ending. We have come there at about 11 am and the place was already crowded, so we ended up standing in line for about 20 to 30 minutes. Here the stroller does not help in general, but you can try to ask for the fast entrance anyways, we have seen some families have succeeded. Yet some of them were out of luck in line as we were. This might depend on the mood of the security guards, but they don't have a general policy that would allow "babies first".

I am not going to show a lot of pictures from inside the castle as you might want to come and see it yourself instead, get your own impression out of it. The architecture and interiors of Versailles are magnificent, this is definitely the masterpiece of its time and taking an audio guide will let you know a lot more about its construction and fate.

The Hall of Mirrors is the most famous part of the castle, being so sensational at its times as the mirror production was quite expensive back then and making a huge hall made of mirrors was a definite sign of wealth, glamour and extravagancy. 

If you would be wondering why does this photo appears strangely "smudged" in some part, I have created the effect simply by taking a picture through the window class from on of the halls inside. The glass was obviously handmade at the times Versailles was built and it was quite hard to create it fully even, so there you have an artistic prysm to reality. 

And my passion at the spot was definitely the garden. You have to think through your visit to see all and get to the others smaller castles as well that are located a bit further in the foresty part of the area. But that beauty opening straight from the Versailles windows is simply breath taking considering its scale and depiction. 

And you can also get a little lost at the secret gardens surrounding. There you find some labyrinth, a smaller amphitheater and many more themed locations. We have entered the gardens at the left side and found ourselves in a very lovely place.

I have definitely enjoyed the visit, yet I would be more delighted to see some of the interiors decorated a bit more intensively there, but throughout the revolution everything was "evacuated" and sold, so you will not see a lot of furniture and vanity inside. While being in the walls of the castle you will still feel the impact of luxury that was once present, yet nothing is eternal and could be easily ruined while the rebellion, but Napoleon has saved this breathtaking monument and presented it to the nation, opening there a museum.