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05 Aug 2016

The Birth of a Modern Nymph

I have dyed my hair in blue! And that is the spectrum of a rainbow at where I feel myself cosy at home, but with a minty lime Mojito in my hand. I just felt like I need to emphasise my artistic superpowers and... read more
06 Jul 2016

Bohemian Rhapsody

This session is a small contribution to my bohemian piece of mind as I wear this kind of style less and less finding that my perception of myself and life changes throughout the last few years of coming closer to a conscious adulthood. Yet I will always try to... read more
27 Jun 2016

Family time in the Karlsruhe Zoo

I always really enjoy to spend time with my family and especially on such lovely sunny days as this. We have decided to get a little walk to our local zoo, which is one of my favourite places in town. We always buy a yearly pass to enjoy it all year round, but starting at a warmer season... read more
27 Jun 2016

Magnolia inspiration

Every time magnolias come to bloom I have an extraordinary sensation of spring energy awakening and an unexplainable inspirational flow. The enormous will to create and make art, to become spring itself, to feel warm sunshine, to hope for late sunsets... read more
27 Jun 2016

Being a photographer

I am doing photography since I was 14. It is hard to say what made me better and stronger in my passion, but at some point I have realised that this is the major part of my life and there is no way back, but only one way forward... read more