Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography


27 Jun 2016

Family time in the Karlsruhe Zoo

I always really enjoy to spend time with my family and especially on such lovely sunny days as this. We have decided to get a little walk to our local zoo, which is one of my favourite places in town. We always buy a yearly pass to enjoy it all year round, but starting at a warmer season... read more
27 Jun 2016

my Love was born today

Today my dear husband was born and I just want to share my love and strongest attachment towards him. With all my passion I have to admit falling in love with him even stronger with every single day that we live together throughout these three years of our marriage... read more
27 Jun 2016

Mira's 2nd spring

My little baby girl was celebrating her second spring of her life this year. And it is so fascinating to see her grow so fast. I remember like it was yesterday when she was just a little crying cocoon that needed to eat and sleep all day long, leaving me with no rest and spinning my entire world around her... read more
27 Jun 2016

Family session in Baden-Baden

There is something precious and timeless in a fine bunch of Family photos. While living in a modern busy world, we can quite rarely find a time to spend together with our beloved ones, but when we do there is always such a pleasure of walking side by side in some pretty quiet gardens, just enjoying our common presence and taking some photos... read more