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14 Aug 2016

LADUREE vs PIERRE HERME • The Macaroon Paradise for Gods

Well, I have taken a break from Paris stories for a while, but here I am back not only with street pictures from the city, but my flavour experiences from the most well known and the most glamorous confectionary stores in Paris. So let me tell you my impressions for both and in the end I will reveal which one I love most. read more
03 Aug 2016


Статья опубликована в Simple&Beyond в июле 2016 г. // Живерни, где жил и работал Клод Моне, — одно из самых вдохновляющих мест на планете. Приехав туда из шумного Парижа, вы сразу обратите внимание на то, как там тихо, хорошо и даже воздух пахнет весной и свежестью, а настроение улучшается с каждым вдохом этого прозрачного волшебства... read more
11 Jul 2016

Paris, The Symbols of The City.

Today I would like to talk about those things that seem to bee in first place when you think about Paris. And those are the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, the most visited sightseeings of the city. And I must say that those were the monuments we have liked and enjoyed the most. read more
04 Jul 2016

Paris, p.IV, The Museums (Versailles)

Well, technically Versailles is not located in Paris, and being quite far from the city might take you about an hour to get there by car, but it has always been a part of its historical influence since all aristocracy have once moved there to enjoy their glamorous life without having to deal with the reality of the capital's fluster. read more
28 Jun 2016

Paris, p.III, The Museums (Louvre)

I would like to tell you about the most visited places of Paris, its most famous museums, the Louvre and Versailles.I would like to tell you about the most visited places of Paris, its most famous museums, the Louvre and Versailles. Today I will be revealing the Louvre in all details... read more
28 Jun 2016

Paris, p.II, The Marais

So last time I was talking about the Marais district, one of the most popular areas of Paris and I have got some more photos to share with you as almost all of my street photography is from there. I have actually had two favourite places to be in Paris, the one is the Marais, the Montmartre and the other is... read more
28 Jun 2016

Paris, p.I, The First Impressions

So I have finally got my photography back from Carmencita Lab (I could barely wait in the end and was constantly checking my email for like every half an hour just to spot the letter immediately and I feel like now this is the right time to start telling you about my recent trip to Paris... read more
27 Jun 2016

Visiting Gernsbah in February

It was one of those rainy days of late February that we have not persisted by letting our travel spirit take over the common sence. This time we have explored Gernsbach and have climbed to the top on the hill right to the Weingut Castle to get a better view to the town... read more
27 Jun 2016

Gaggenau Landscapes

One dull and rainy day we just felt like sitting at home was too easy for us and decided to jump in the car and explore the terrains of our region a bit. We have set our destination point and headed forwards it, but then suddenly we suddenly saw this picturesque landscape and decided to spontaneously stop by... read more