Anastasia Egonyan Fine Art Photography
11 Aug 2016

REAL WEDDING • Tanja &Michael

Photography Anastasia Egonyan • Photography Assistant Alexey Fedorov • Calligraphy Anya Tsymbal • Organisation Irina Fot • Place Badische Weinstuben, Karlsruhe

I have been invited to shoot a really lovely wedding in the middle of June this year. Tanja and Michael have met in a hospital, yet gratefully not to a tragic coincidence, but as if they were our beloved characters from the famous doctors tv series, where Michael is indeed a heart surgeon and Tanja is serving her duty as a nurse in the Emergency Department. And here we are, witnessing the happy end or maybe a happy beginning of their new lives as husband and wife.

Please enjoy this wedding as much as I did, from morning to night, where the couple cares and welcomes every guest with love and excitement! That was a wedding that is compared to a bottle of champagne - you can expect and feel the pressure of joy inside, but it really explodes with foam and bubbles right at sunset for the party!