Anastasia Egonyan is a mixed media artist mainly focused on painting, collages and porcelain miniatures with a passion for thread and glass bead embroidery that makes an exciting combination in her final pieces.
Oil painting
A series of four paintings that go by the name “Postcards”. These are still life oil paintings on canvas, finished using mixed media technique, resulting in a collage. You can see scraps of old letters, postcards and stamps, handwriting, drawings and ink splashes, clay details - a snake, eyes and tears, some of them even have embroidered faces. And then you see large areas of black paint covering some parts of these paintings. So what do they symbolise? Postcards are a very sentimental form of communication.
This is a message from our past selves to future soul mates who will one day receive or have received the postcard we sent. By sending a postcard we are performing an action of trying to stop time and eternalise our minds. But time is merciless and has its own rules. In the end, everything materialistic object will disappear, no matter how hard we try to preserve it. The black color in these paintings symbolises decay and the inevitable flow of time. These paintings already started to disappear in this moment and as time goes by, devouring any thought, any object and any art piece turning it into black eternal nothing.
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