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Anastasia Egonyan


body-positive feminist artist

ANASTASIYA EGONYAN is a mixed media body-positive feminist artist who focuses on abstraction and female figurative art while maintaining a unique and rich pastel color palette. Anastasiya is working with oil paint, pastels, color pencils and many more. She is also doing small ceramic works and embroidered art jewellery.

Anastasiya is currently living in Berlin, Germany. She was born in Ukraine, but spent her childhood and adolescence in Hungary, Budapest. She speaks Russian, English, and Hungarian fluently, also German (intermediate). Working as a photographer since 18, she has persuaded to built her career in this field. After more than ten years of working as a professional portrait photographer, she has left her job and became a mixed media artist.

In 2018 she  created a media project Licorne Magazine that she has successfully managed with a small team of 4 members and a number of freelance writers. They have performed a journalistic and production work, writing art, travel and lifestyle articles while providing photography for 90% publications. Trusted by large brands like by Dyson, Byredo, Taschen, and many more.

In 2020 Anastasiya has decided to continue evolving her creativity and enrolled to an art school in Berlin (SBKG) where she is currently taking a 3,5 years apprenticeship.

Ana's portrait
work and PROJECTS
thevelvetdust logo

THE VELVET DUST is a personal brand that is developed through years of blogging and personal artistic vision and creative mind of Anastasia Egonyan. She has been into slow production of feminist apparel, hand-embroidered designer jewellery and decorative stickers. Now she is working on releasing her new collection of sex-positive ceramics.

Licorne Magazine logo

LICORNE is a German-based online magazine focussing on the young, open-minded woman. Whole project was designed and produced by Anastasia Egonyan and her small team that made it possible to bring the best quality texts and photography to the reader. Design is influenced by pastel pop visual aesthetics.